General Financial Advice

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Financial planning is a lifelong journey where knowledge is key. The more you know about successful financial planning the easier it will be to make smart financial decisions. When looking for financial planning advice it is important to consult with a financial planning expert, poor financial information and decisions can be disastrous. Not saving properly for retirement can lead to a reduced lifestyle in later years, poorly managed tax preparation could lead to large unexpected tax debt, or an unwise investment could result in the financial loss of accumulated wealth.

This is why has been established. We have compiled financial planning information from some of the best financial planning resources available. Learn about home mortgages, debt consolidation, real estate investing, forex trading and more. At we have information available to help you with almost every aspect of your financial planning needs now and in the future.
General Financial Advice

Before entering our site here are some finance tips which you may find useful in helping you achieve your financial goals.

Pay yourself first. Invest at least 10% of your income in consumer debt repayment or in some type of investment account. To make real financial progress you must reduce your liabilities and increase you assets.

Establish specific written financial goals. Set short term, medium term and long term objectives for yourself and your family. Review and update your goals regularly, no less than annually.

Make a realistic spending plan and use it. You must plan how your income will be used or someone else will! Track your expenditures using receipts, a notebook, or whatever is convenient for you.

Learn about the different types of insurance available. Buy only what you need to cover a specific risk. Increase deductibles to the highest amount you can afford.

Stay current with your finances by reading regularly, taking courses and working with your own personal financial coach. If you've heard all of this before but haven't acted on it, now is the time to move forward! Remember knowledge without action is ultimately the same as not knowing.


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