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Open Google
First, open your Web browser and go to Then click on 'Business Solutions' located under the search box.from Fere, you can choose to advertise on Google, learn how to enhance your Web site, and much more.Under the 'Put Your Information On Google' section, click on 'Web Pages.'

Add a URL to Google's Index
Now you are at Google's Webmaster Central. Click on 'Submit Your Content to Google.'Now you will be able to select a variety of ways to put your content on Google. For your Web site, click 'Add Your URL to Google's Index.Here, you can fill in your full URL and comments. When you are finished, you must type the code word in the text box that is displayed. Then click 'Add URL.'

Check the Status of Your Web Site
Remember that Google does not add all submitted URLs to their index, nor can Google let you know when your site will be available on usually takes about a month for Google to list your site, so be patient.To check the status of your site on Google, go to Google's Webmaster Central page. Then, click on 'Site Status Wizard.' Enter your site's URL in the space provided. Click 'Next.Here, you can see if your site is included on Google's index and the last time that Googlebot accessed your homepage.

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