How to Increase Blog Traffic ?

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First, see how often you update your blog. Typically the more often you update the more there is for your readers to look at. They will come back again and again if they like what you write. Write more often and you will soon have a following.

Encourage Participation

Take a look at your posts. There are tons of blogs on the internet that involve different topics that can be discussed. Blogs are appealing because there is reader participation. Does your content lend itself to conversation or discussion? Leave open questions or inquiry for feedback. You may get more hits because people will want to read your blog and comment on it.

Increase Traffic by Commenting on Other Blogs

Another way to increase blog traffic is to post comments on other people's blogs. This way you can write your URL address in your comment and other viewers will click it to see what its about. If you want people to click on your link you might want to post comments on blogs with similar interests and topics.

Increase Traffic Through Social Media Sites

If you write a particularly good post, you can submit it to social media sites like, or Some of these social media sites are geared toward specific interests, for example, ScoreGuru is clearly for sports fans and is quite popular.

There are media sites for many topics ranging from medicine, and environmentally minded folks, to video game pros and business topics. On most of these sites, people vote on articles and the ones with the most votes are featured on the homepage. So don't expect a bunch of hits right away, but if your blog is compelling it will gain attention.

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