Save Money When You Fly

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Consider Flying in Off-Peak Times
Flexibility is the key to an inexpensive getaway. If you say I'm going such and such a place and nowhere else on such and such a day, you limit your options. Discounts can be found during off-peak times and seasons. For example, everyone wants to see Europe during spring or summer. But, if you choose autumn or winter, you'll cut your costs big time.

Try Flying Into Nearby Airports
Once you pick a city, consider flying into nearby airports. Instead of San Francisco, check prices for Oakland, San Jose, even Sacramento. Sometimes you can save a bundle arriving into one airport and leaving from another.

Be Flexible With Travel Dates
Research is essential to saving money. There are gobs of great online tools to help find you find the lowest fare. Some even send you alerts when prices drop between you favorite places.lways direct these search engines to find fares for a few days before and after your date. A day earlier or later can save you hundreds.

Buy Direct From the Airline
Although these travel sites are great, they charge a service fee of at least $5 when it's time to, I do my research with them and buy direct from the airline, where there's no fee and I sometimes get bonus miles for booking with them online.Don't even think about calling an airline to buy a ticket unless you absolutely have to. They all charge fees to talk with someone, in hopes you'll complete your purchase on the Internet.

Know When to Book Your Flight
The best time to book your tickets may be mid-week. Airlines usually announce fare sales around Wednesday or Thursday, and hike fares a bit on the weekend.If you need to book at the last second, forget this - and snag the best price you can find ASAP.You may want to sites that let you name your own price, but sometimes they're the same price as the airlines themselves.

Sign Up for E-mail Alerts
Speaking of last minute tickets, you can find impressive bargains when booking just before take-off. The airlines offer e-mail blasts once a week letting you know where you can go on the cheap.As long as you don't get your heart set on a particular destination, you'll be on your way to frugal flying. And every penny you save getting there is one you can spend once you arrive.


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