Top 6 Tips for Choosing a Blog Name

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Choosing a blog name is a decision one shouldnt enter into lightly. In fact, you can consider your blogs name to be its first impression. The last thing you want is to create a bad first impression, right Your blogs name should easily come to your readers minds. Remember, not everyone relies on bookmarks. What follows are some tips for creating a memorable first impression and choosing a blog name.

1. Make it Easy to Type

Your blogs name should be easy to type without too many letters. The title should be easy to spell, with all words spelled correctly. A purposely misspelled word or one with too many odd letters might be too confusing, especially if a reader has to type the URL over and over until he gets it right.

2. Make it Reflective of the Topic

It should go without saying that the blog name should say something about the topic. Joes Blog tells me nothing about the blog, except that it belongs to Joe. Joes Tulip Blog tells me Joe is blogging about tulips. If I was a gardener, especially one who is fond of tulips, Ill want to remember this blog.

3. Make it Easy to Remember

The blogs name should be easy to remember. A reader might forget a title if its long winded, intentionally misspelled or has nothing to do with the subject matter. If the blog name is short and to the point, he has a better chance of keeping it in mind.

4. Make it Catchy

Do make your blogs name catchy. A title should be fun and engaging. It should draw the readers in, not send them running away. Visit Technorati and search for different types of blogs. Check out the names of those that are most popular. What makes them so special? What makes the titles so appealing people want to read them

5. Make it Search Engine Friendly

You dont have to necessarily stock your blog name with keywords(though sometimes it helps), but you should make it search engine friendly. Someone looking for bulb planting tips might turn up Joes Tulip Blog in a search. Turning up Joes Blog About Colored things That Go in the Ground is more of a long shot.

6. Make a List

Make a list of names you feel would best reflect your blog. As you look at each potential name, ask yourself the following questions:

* Does this name reflect my blogs purpose?
* If I saw this blog name in a search, would I be inclined to click?
* Will other bloggers and blog readers see the title and perhaps consider this blog a good resource?
* Will the name work for years to come?

If the answer to all of these is yes, you have yourself a winner.

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