Top 6 Tips for Earning Money Through Blogging

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1. Pay Per Click Advertising

It's possible to earn a decent income through Google Adsense or other pay-per-click advertisers. While some bloggers report earning a meager income with the pay-per-clicks, it's indeed possible to earn up to six figures. If you have a popular blog, you can do well. Installing Adsense on your blog is simple, it's just a matter of pasting code on your website. Every time a visitor clicks on one of the links in the ad, you'll collect a percentage of the ad revenue. Because you can fine tune the ads to match your blog, they're not as unattractive as other forms of advertising.
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2. Blogads

Invitation only sites such as Blogads sell ads for placement on high traffic blogs. The good news is that this isn't affiliate income. Bloggers receive a flat fee for every ad sold. The bad news is that Blogads doesn't accept just anyone. If you don't know anyone who can offer a recommendation on your behalf, try emailing a request to be placed on the waiting list. But don't hold your breath, some bloggers have been waiting years.

3. Affiliate Revenue

Many online retailers will pay a percentage of a sale if it results from an advertisement placed on your site. offers a popular program, or you can visit an affiliate super-site such as Commission Junction to find retailers catering to your particular niche. Bloggers report mixed results. While it is possible to earn a decent commission, it's not as easy to earn with these advertisers as with the pay per click programs. Still, some do well. The flashing, colorful ads are a turn off for many because they're so distracting. Fortunately you can choose codes for the ads that work best for your site.

4. E-Books

If you're an expert in your field you might consider writing e-books and selling them through your blog. This would be a good way of expanding on some of the information blogged about in the past. Check your stats to see which topics garnered the most interest and take it from there. If you have loyal readers and good traffic, you might have a best seller on your hands!

5. Café Press

If you have a recognizable logo, why not Café Press it Café Press allows you to place your blog's logo or catch phrase on merchandise such as mugs, t-shirts and calendars. Sell them on your blog for a percentage of the earnings.

6. Tip Jar

Some bloggers place "tip jars" on their blog's sidebars. Tip jars are donation buttons leading to the recipient's paypal account. Some bloggers report earning hundreds of dollars through tip jars alone. While this isn't recommended for every blogger, those who put in hours to provide a useful service are certainly justified.

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