Google Preparing To Put Applications On Orkut

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As with pretty much every tweak made to the social network, we're not sure this will get much attention in the U.S. People in other countries may be interested, however, as starting this month, social applications will become available to Orkut users.

Want to get one of your own in front of their eyes? Better act fast - submissions for completed applications are due by February 15th. And as that's a short deadline that clashes with Valentine's Day, we'll once again note that OpenSocial developers courting American audiences may not stand to gain much.Google Preparing To Put Applications On Orkut

Also, we're not too sure what sort of apps Google will allow on Orkut, or how users will respond as a result. The social network's official blog has frequently made pleas to "keep Orkut beautiful," and zombies and tossed sheep have tended to have the opposite effect on Facebook.

Still, developers with a wider target than America in mind could benefit quite a bit, since Google's apparently counting on growth to occur as a result of the applications. On the Official Google Blog, Amar Gandhi stated, "We'll start ramping up to more than 50 million people over the next few weeks."

So some dates may get cancelled after all. And on one last time-related note: we'll bring updates if and when Google gets more specific about the applications' availability.

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