How to Search Effectively Online

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Type in Specific Phrases
Let's say I want to get more information on a vacation where I can go scuba diving. If I type in 'scuba,' there are too many results to weed through.

The first step to effectively searching is narrow your search by typing in 'scuba diving.' Google automatically searches for variations on words, so it will include 'dive' and 'diving.'

Add Quotes Around the Phrase
To narrow the search more, we can search for just pages with the exact phrase 'scuba diving.' Just put quotes around the phrase.

And to narrow it further, I'll type the word 'vacation.' It doesn't need to be a 'scuba diving vacation,' so the word 'vacation' is not in quotes.

Use a Minus or Plus Sign
Also, if you had results you want to exclude, like 'scuba certification,' just type 'scuba' then a space and a minus sign, followed by the word 'certification' with no space in front of it, like this: "scuba diving" vacation –certification. This tells the search engine that you want to search for 'scuba' without the word 'certification' on the page.

Google does not include common words in searches, such as 'the,' 'and,' or 'a'. If a common word or digit is essential to your search, simply type a space, a plus sign, and then the word or digit. I do not need this feature for my scuba dive search.

Try a Similar Phrase
You can also try to think of other ways to say it, like another word for a place that has what you're looking for. I will try 'beach resort.' Use the uppercase 'OR' between words or phrases to search either one term or another. I will search for 'scuba diving vacation' OR 'beach resort.'

Check Your Results
Another quick tip you can do to search effectively is look at your results. If one Web page is indented, it means that it is located on the same Web site as the page listed above it.

Also notice the cache link. If you click on that, it will show you exactly what page it found the words you searched for, with your keywords highlighted.

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