Google launches tool portal for nonprofits

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Google launches tool portal for nonprofits....Google for Nonprofits, a site designed to educate charities about the search giant's suite of Web-based tools, debuted Tuesday.

Essentially, it's a lineup of links to Google's various applications and tutorials for using them, but with a charitable spin. A link to YouTube is accompanied with "broadcast your cause to the world's largest online video community." Google Groups come with a suggestion of "communicate easily to staff or volunteers and encourage discussions among supporters."But the Google for Nonprofits page also highlights special initiatives for nonprofits, like free advertising through the Google Grants program and transaction fee waivers on the Google Checkout service, along with success stories and testimonials for each Google application.
This is by no means Google's first effort to reach out to nonprofits. Last year, for example, Google launched an outreach program to help nonprofits take advantage of Google Earth. And Google runs a nonprofit of its own: the high-profile, which has in recent months earmarked $10 million for "sustainable transportation" development and launched a program that aims to use social-media tools for disaster relief.


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