Songkick is your concert-savvy friend.

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We send you email tour alerts when your favorite artists come to town, and we recommend concerts based on the music you like. If you're a person who loves live music but hates having to keep up on when your favorite bands are coming into town, there's a great new service for you. It's called Songkick, and it's been designed to help you stay on top of upcoming concert dates, as well as discover new music from your existing tastes. It's making a complicated process wonderfully simple, and I expect it to be the next big thing in live music in the same way that and Pandora were with prerecorded music tracks.

It's a plug-in that tracks tours for all artists in your music library. Don't worry, you can edit this list later. No Spyware or adware, we promise. Download the Songkicker!

The Songkicker will...
  • Scan your music library and add all artists to your Tour Tracker.
  • Automatically update your Tour Tracker when you download new music.
  • Your profile page will have personalized listings of when your artists come to town.

  • More info:
  • The Songkicker runs in the background whenever you listen to music.
  • o need to open or close it.
  • You only need to install the Songkicker once. It will update us when you add new music.
  • Use the Tour Tracker to customize your list of artists.
  • These show up in reverse-chronological order on the band page, and can be toggled with upcoming tour dates.

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