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Coghead provides a radically new way for tech-savvy business people to create, manage, and deliver their own web-based applications. The Coghead service enables the users closest to a business challenge to create customized solutions in hours or days at a fraction of the cost of large packaged applications or custom development projects.

Coghead is a 100% web-based system that allows knowledge workers to create their own custom business applications. There’s never any software to install or servers to maintain. Just think it, build it and share it! The applications, written with Coghead's visual-development tool, run on its hosted platform. The platform, built using Adobe Systems' Flex, runs on Amazon Web Services.

Developers can join the Coghead community to share technical ideas, develop their skills, or contribute to the application gallery. More entrepreneurial types can join the Partner program and make money re-selling Coghead.

Coghead is a platform for creating, using and sharing applications. Coghead provides a directory where members of the community can publish and subscribe to applications.

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