Socialtext extends wiki with new Dashboard and People modules

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What is a Wiki?A wiki is a group-editable website. Wikis are composed of web pages you can write on, enabling fast and easy collaboration. The word "wiki" comes from a Hawaiian word for "quick". Wikis were invented about 10 years ago by Socialtext advisor and friend Ward Cunningham. Wikis became the collaboration tool of choice because they are simple and flexible. Most wikis today still require technical skill to install and use, while others are full of confusing features.At Socialtext we focus on making wikis simple to use, whether you're working with a few people, or in a company of thousands. As a result, over 4000 customers use Socialtext as their collaboration backbone.

Collaborative Intelligence:
Collaborative Intelligence for sales and marketing, as implemented for market leaders including Humana and SAP In 2007, the typical business user processed over 150 messages and spent 25% of their time managing this email deluge. Communicating dynamic and complex knowledge across a business usually depends on email or static web pages, yet fails to support on-the-fly sharing of collective insights. With wikis and social software, businesses can boost productivity, increase efficiency and better capture knowlege for greater innovation, faster project cycle times and better overall communication.

Participatory Knowledgebase
Participatory Knowledgebase for service and support, as implemented for market leaders including Symantec and Microstrategy Today, 75% of organizations' knowledge gets stored in the email inbox. Other knowledge gets stored in rigid databases, shared drives, content management systems, or published on web pages that quickly become out-of-date. For employees, finding the information they need is difficult or impossible, and with employee turnover the problem only gets worse. Wikis provide a simple-to-use structure for capturing and organizing content into rich knowledgebases that cuts in half the time spent by employees searching for critical information plus fosters active participation and contribution.

Flexible Client Collaboration
Flexible Client Collaboration for professional services, as implemented for market leaders including MWW Group and CoActive Marketing Group Managing projects with internal or external clients typically involves distributed team members and external partners. Today, this activity relies heavily on static websites, email conversations, expensive in-person meetings or conference calls. With wikis and social software, collaboration can occur more quickly, with greater engagement, higher client satisfaction and cycles times can be reduced by more than 25%, since wikis provide a lightweight, shared workspace for secure project collaboration and coordination.

Business Social Networking
Business Social Networks for partners and customers, as implemented for market leaders including United Business Media and Epitaph Records Successful businesses recognize the importance of increasing loyalty through vibrant, active communities for their partners, suppliers and customers. In fact, over half of companies today are using Web 2.0 technologies, like wikis and social software, specifically for building out these communities. To foster communication, social networking, expertise discovery and greater overall engagement around a brand or shared goal, wikis and social software provide the ideal platform for these extranet or public community sites.

Once you find the person you're looking for in the new people pages, you can follow them and get updated whenever they change your company wiki. It's like an enterprise Twitter. It's potentially very useful, if also possibly creepy. Every Socialtext user now also gets his or her own personal Dashboard, where they can track pages and people they're interested in, watch stats on their wiki, or see info from other sources, like blogs, or OpenSocial widgets. These changes, Mayfield admits, "are not all that new from the consumer perspective," but they do make the wiki platform a more comfortable place to work for people who likely spend their personal online time in apps like Facebook.

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