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Last year VideoClix.TV demoed an early version of its creepy, yet intelligent video advertising technology in an episode of Revision3's Diggnation, the popular podcast starring's Kevin Rose and co-host Alex Albrecht. The technology, which inserts clickable advertising in every element of the video, gives users a way to be linked up to online retailers for any product or service that's seen in videos. It also lets users click on things not for sale to see any related information from elsewhere on the Web--a handy service that's usually ended up with horribly annoying results when applied to text ads (see IntelliTXT).

Today the company announced it will be put into use in all of Revision3's programming--starting with the latest episode of Diggnation filmed last week in Amsterdam. Other Revision3 shows will follow, including Tekzilla, The Totally Rad Show, and Internet Superstar. In its first version, users were required to download the video and play it back in Apple's QuickTime player to get the technology to work. However, in the latest model, the self-contained Flash player now includes small overlays that pop-up from the right side of the player and link off-site. There's also an entire list of embedded objects users can browse. Clicking any of them will skip ahead to the part of the show.
Credit:VideoClix.TV ,CNET Networks

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