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Dixerit has launched! The new generation of speech-enabled websites is here. Your users will benefit from a new level of service quality, speed and features: the best voices in the market, the fastest response out there, new accesibility options and speech-enabling without downloads and installations. Dixerit creates a high-quality audio version of your web content in real-time. Our service offers your visitors an alternative way to access public and corporate information, listening to it online on their PC, on their mobile device while on the move or offline on an mp3 player.

As a server-based service Dixerit does not need a big implementation project. A single link in your pages is all you need to integrate it easily into any website. The end user only needs an Internet enabled device and speakers or headphones: no download or installation is required.

You can rest assured that your web content and service offering will be even more helpful for a wider audience, complementing your best accesibility efforts.The basic Dixerit speech service enables your site in a simple way: just add a link and start listening.Dixerit Plus is an advanced accesibility suite that provides additional features on top of the audio generation, such as magnification and color contrast tools.

* Inmediate response time
* Super fast set-up time
* The highest quality voices in every language
* A wide selection of languages and voices
* Ease of launch: no redesign or development needed
* Outsourced service, no investment needed
* Real time conversion, no multimedia content management
* Every web technology is supported
* Online site magnification
* Colour contrast tools
* PDF conversion
* Automatic language recognition
* Ease of use
* No plug-ins or downloads needed
* No special system or connectivity requirements needed

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