Collaborate and Review images and videos with own time

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Cozimo you can collaborate and review images and videos — together in real-time or on your own time. Get feedback from clients and colleagues instantly. Cozimo is the faster, better, simpler way to work. It shares a few similarities with FeedbackFX with much more attention on real-time collaboration of rich media documents.
Each member in a work group is assigned a layer where they draw and scribble comments, all of which are saved in the session even as it's synchronously presented to the group. Cozimo can also be used asynchronously through a collaboration widget that can be pasted onto any image on any Web site.

* Draw and annotate onto images, videos, PDFs from any web browser, anytime, anywhere.

* Get to ‘yes’ faster with live online interactive meetings, review and collaboration sessions.

* Stay organized with a complete, easy-to-find record of all project-related communications.

* Compete more effectively by supporting your clients with the latest design technology.

1.Communicate Directly on Images
Synchronized Video Collaboration
3.Online Presentations and Reviews
Display and Collaborate on Multi-page PDFs... Sign Up

(Credit:Cozimo , webware)

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