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Oosah is an solid Flash-based media manager that lets you create little slideshows and share pictures with your friends.It competes with some pretty good apps, like Flektor, Slide, and Splashcast, though, and isn't likely to rocket to superstardom as just another media destination site.Oosah lets you transfer media and entire folders between your online accounts.

It lets you drag images between your PC and online accounts, like Flickr and Facebook, or even directly between your online accounts, avoiding your PC and your Oosah storage allotment. That's not just new and cool, it's very useful. I plan to use this feature to drag images between my private Picasa Web and public Flickr profiles when needed, in fact, and ignore the whole cutesy slide-show feature.

The first services supported by this feature will be Picasa, Flickr, and Facebook. MySpace is coming soon,... service will also let you drag videos to YouTube. I strongly doubt you'll be able to drag vids off YouTube to other services.

If you tag images in any of the services, the tags go with the media when they're dragged to other services. User comments, however, don't make the transition. You can also import images from a Web page just by providing the URL. The service then gathers up the images for you.
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