Me.dium - Graphically connects users with their friends

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Me.dium is a social browsing software company offering a browser extension that allows people to surf with friends for the first time. By revealing this new Social Exploration Environment TM (SEE), Me.dium graphically connects users with their friends and others enabling users to interact online, similarly to how one interacts with people in the real world.
In June of 2007, Me.dium was recognized by CNET's Webware100 as one of the top 10 community products on the Internet.

Me.dium is compatible with a range of browsers in addition to Microsoft Internet Explorer, including Firefox, Flock, and The Songbird Media Player.
For the first time, Me.dium is showing you where others are gathering in real time.Based on where you are, the Me.dium engine will recommend related sites and show you who is using them. Reach out, chat with others or dive deeper down a rabbit hole.

Me.dium allows you to browse with your friends and follow where they are going. As you both move from page to page you can finally chat about what you're seeing while actually seeing it.

me.dium creates a personalized map of the Internet based on where you are. As you surf, your map updates with new recommendations.

(Credit:Medinm , Webware)

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  1. Jenniferlauren June 20, 2008  

    We have a team here at Me.dium happy to answer any questions you may have about our social sidebar! Please feel free to add me as a friend, my username is "Jenniferlauren." We are looking to make the internet a "not-so-lonely" place, and hope it changes the way you surf!