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The new home of webchat! Join millions of people chatting right now. If you know where you're going, simply enter the details and click connect. You can also search for channels on over 50 IRC networks just by using Find channels. Mibbit a delightfully simple approach to IRC that runs right in your browser--no special client required. For any newbie IRC users, this is a great way to get your foot in the door.

IRC nuts will be in love, as Mibbit lets you hop to all your usual servers and keep a hot list of your favorite channels to launch every time you sign on. Users can tweak the look and feel of Mibbit down to the coloring and fonts that are used.The entire experience is also tabbed, so depending on the width of your screen you can easily have 10 or more channels open and have several private conversations going without a hiccup. Even though it's Web based, the creators have built Mibbit with a generous amount of Ajax, meaning there will be no need to hit the refresh button to update the chat.
*Connect to multiple servers, multiple channels and PMs.
*Works on major browsers, iPhone, wii, etc
*Full UTF-8 support
*Recent chat - When you join a channel, you get some recent chat! Magic!
*Typing notify - Now you know when someone is done explaining something
*On the fly language translation - Now you're multi-lingual!
*Auto image URL thumbnailing - You get nice thumbnails in the chat
*Integrated pastebin - No more having to find a pastebin * Parsing of smilies, links, channels, nicks, mIRC color * Extended whois information with user profiles * Supports SSL IRC connections * Setup auto connects to join your favourite channels * Tab complete on nicknames *Input history for each tab (up/down)

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