People can structured bits of Digital Information

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Spinscape, an application people can use to structure the countless bits of digital information we are faced with daily.

What does this mean? Well, with Spinscape you can brainstorm, collaborate, tag, link, and navigate through information more quickly and easily than ever before.

Spinscape is currently invite only. You can play the Twitter game to get an invite code.
(details at Otherwise, you'll have to wait until June when Spinscape is unveiled to the public.

This is an app that gives great demo. It looks great and it's got a lot of capability, but I found if you're using it to capture your own ideas, or maybe map out the ideas that pop up in a meeting, the interface slows you down, at least at first. On the other hand, if you want to annotate a map with notes, links, and pictures, and you have the time and gumption to create the map in the first place, Spinscape will handle it. It also does some useful automatic lookup in Wikipedia and other sources to fill out nodes if you're gathering data and ideas on a topic.
(Credit:Spinscape, Webware)

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