RSS feeds into personal voice as mp3

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Dixero - Listen your interest anytime, anywhere Import your favorite RSS feeds, organize in channels and vocalize with different voices, and download as a podcast on your device
Import your feeds - Open your account and import OPML files directly or import your feeds (in english language) from your reader
Set them into channels - Create your own channels based on your topics, you can easily order posts according to you interests and create different podcasts

Choose your voice - Match each channel with a personal voice reading of your topics

Download the mp3 - Synchronize your account with your reader and download the files into your favorite portable device .. Sign Up

Dixero's player lets you skip between blog posts as audio files. The actual player is a little less extensible, offering a simple play/pause button and the option to skip back and forth between posts. You can also grab the RSS feed and subscribe to the feeds as a podcast in your favorite feed catcher. What it's missing is a way to embed it on other sites or swap between the voices--something that's left to the whim of the creator.


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