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The world is social, the web is social, your site is social, do you have a social search?
Originally the internet was pages created by people – users were searching for the pages. Today users are searching for the social entities that created the pages and the best means of engaging them.

Sightix is the next step in the evolution of search, supplying the user with relevant, focused search results based on the user’s friends and relationships (Social Graph).

Sightix is providing a unique search service specifically to Social Networking Sites (SNS) which filter search results through the user’s social graph. As such, each user’s who search will receive different, individually personalized and relevant results relating to the social entity that they are looking for.

Who is it for?
Any web2.0 site - Social Networks, Communities, Forums, Blogs, Social Platforms or any other kind of social site.

You can integrate Sightix Search in just couple of minutes.
You will need to fill some contact details and copy a simple HTML code in order to integrate it in your site. To begin the integration process start here.

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  1. opengiga July 06, 2008  

    site goes down. can you please inform me when it will be all right?