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Did you know that the human brain starts slowing down as early as age 30? The good news is that you can speed it up, and improve even your most basic cognitive abilities at any age. Keep your brain performing at its best with Lumosity, a brain training program consisting of engaging brain games and exercises developed by some of the leading neuroscientists in the country.

Lumosity comes with nearly a dozen "games" to play, with each one working out a different aspect of your mental prowess, including memory, cognitive control, processing speed, and the all-important attention. As you play, your scores are tracked and grouped together in an progress chart that you can dig into and try to figure out what's been improving--or what needs some work. Games will also let you know when you haven't performed as well as you usually do by tracking your historical performance.

Lumosity users have experienced:

* Clearer and quicker thinking
* Improved memory for names, numbers, directions, etc.
* Increased alertness and awareness
* Elevated mood
* Better concentration at work or while driving
(Credit:Lumosity, CNET Networks)

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