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Posterous is dead simple to use and does the micro blogging thing very well

* What happens when it's so easy to post an mp3, you want to do it every time you fall in love with a song?
* What happens when it's so easy to post photos from your iPhone, people see what you're up to, live throughout the day?

* What happens when anytime you email your friend a link to a news article, you ‘cc’ your blog?
* And what happens when you can blog photos of your vacation, *while you're still on vacation*?

Posterous' setup process takes minimalism to the extreme - you don't even have to register... Registration is dead simple as well - just enter your email address and a password.

The ease of posting to it is going to make it very attractive to even novice users.

Posterous would also work very well for those who want to send quick updates from their mobile devices. There is, after all, no need to install any apps - simply send an email and be done.

...posterous might just be different and simple enough to set itself apart from the rest.
(Credit: Posterous)

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