e-Communication service designed for everyone

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The Act-On service is an on-demand e-communication service designed for everyone in your enterprise. Use Act-On to manage your e-marketing campaigns as well as your interactive two-way dialogs via e-mail.

Whether you're a large company collaborating with your channel partners to run joint promotions, or a smaller business looking for a do-it-yourself email and web marketing service.

Act-On Software combines Salesforce.com's leads database with WebEx's large-scale conferencing to add invitation and follow-up services and pull data between the two. For example, Act-On runs as a tab within Salesfoce, WebEx, and Microsoft applications, and can show Salesforce data after a WebEx conference. Act-on will manage the invitation to promote a webinar, track attendance, and offer follow-up analysis on a given WebEx webinar.

Features Overview
  • Rich Email Creation
  • Web Forms Creation
  • List Management
  • Email Delivery
  • Real-Time Activity Tracking, Reporting & Analysis
(Credit: Act-On , Webware)

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