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Naukri Job Portal releasing JOBS ONCHAT

  • You can Search and Apply to jobs directly while chatting on Gtalk, without having to visit the website
  • You can hunt jobs at even on slow internet connections
  • You can access the latest openings, even if the site is blocked at your workplace

    3 Steps to Starting NaukriOnChat
  1. Login to Gtalk or Gmail Chat.
  2. Add JOBS@CHAT.NAUKRI.COM to you are friend list.
  3. Now you just search jobs on chat.

Various commands with the help of which you can search and even apply to jobs using Gtalk
  • js » stands for job search, use it to search for jobs. e.g. js project manager delhi 3 yrs, js sales manager Mumbai 5 yrs.
  • next » to view more jobs from your search once you see 3 jobs as search result
  • apply » to apply to any job.e.g. apply ab0c1 abcNaukri...

Job Search OnChatJob Search OnChat

You can apply to the most suitable job/s by just typing the below command apply jobID Naukri Username, JobID is mentioned at the end of each job in search result, Username is your naukri account with which you login to naukri.

You can’t do on NaukriOnChat
  • You cannot upload your resume.
  • You cannot modify your naukri profile.
  • you cannot apply from your Gtalk by putting someone else's Naukri Username.
Via NaukriOnChat , Help & FAQs , Demo

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